A real gamechanger in the world of Open Source FPGAs

for Linux, Mac and Windows

Revolutionary editor

Visual editor for open FPGA boards. Built on top of the Icestorm project using Apio.

<Open Hardware driven by Open Source>

  • Very easy to use, but powerful

    Drag and drop interface. Design real hardware, joining blocks with lines and if you want you can use Verilog too.

  • From Icestudio to FPGA

    Synthetize your design into an FPGA with a simple click. Icestudio supports many open source FPGA boards.

  • Edge technology

    Open Source FPGAs open new technology frontiers and new possibilities.

  • Strong Community

    You will never have been alone. A big and active community involved in Open Hardware and Open Source is behind Icestudio. We are fighting for our Technological Heritage.

<Some of supported boards>

View the complete list in our project page.


You can download stable version or nightly build version with latest features (but possibly more inestable):

You can find other binary package formats for stable releases or nightlies and WIP builds in our repositories.